455 Uncle Allen's Pepper Shop
Uncle Allen's Pepper Shop features: Uncle Allen's Country Style Gourmet Salsa, Uncle Allen's Country Classic Picante Sauce, and Uncle Allen's Country Smoker BBQ Sauce. Motif is Chili Peppers with a Chili Pepper navigation bar.
 2107 MY Pepper Jelly
MY Pepper Jelly is about family, friends, good times and of course awesome food! We started this business with the encouragement of our family & friends who thought our jelly was "Out of this World". We have the best pepper jelly!
Home of the popular Chile Peppers Calendar. Plus Tasty Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauce, Rubs Chile Powders, Spice Blends, Hot Chile T-Shirts and Chile Pepper Gifts. Lots of HOT links and Chile information.
 2129 Complete BBQ
anything and everything about bbq, from grilling to recipies, we touch on it all. Just love BBQ
 2132 Rockabilly Chili
Home of the Award Winning "Rockabilly Chili" from Rob's Rib Shack...
 2111 The Ghost Pepper Store
We will be selling fresh chilis, dried chilis, and bhut jolokia seeds.
 2108 Ajiperu
We are a young (small) site, based in Peru (reputed home of Capsicum family). Today we start in English Language, next in Spanish & Quechua. Now, being small, we offer some news & some recipies, but our true focus is the actual Uchu or Aji (Chile).
 2112 Pimentas.info
This site shows today more than 320 varieties of chiles, with detailed fotos of flower, pods and fruits. Will be soon translated in english and german.
 2114 Andonatura
Site sells chile seeds. Offers today 140 varities. The offer will raise soon up to 300 varities. Plantation localized in Brazil.
 2075 Rippin Red Wing Sauce
www.Rippinred.com is home of Rippin red Wing Sauces. We sell our Original and Hot wing sauce as well as keep customers up to date on Rippin red News such as festival info, recipes etc..
 2078 Bhut Jolokia Now
This website will serve as an informational guide, provide recipes and safety guidelines for growing and cooking with bhut jolokia, or naga jolokia, as this hot chile is often times called as well.
 2082 peppershark
The Worlds Best Chile Pepper Cleaner, De-seeder, De-veining tool ever created. Stainless Steel tool removes seeds and veins from any Chile pepper with operator precision. Buy it for life. Offered by a true Chilehead.
 2089 Peperoncino Mascalzone
Hello mine is a personal page of the cultivation of pepper, which I share with other fans in my experience, my emotions and even a few good recipes. I look forward to a welcome and positive feedback, greetings
 2091 BBQ My Way
A site with "how to" videos on grilling, barbecuing, recipes and overall technique.
 2094 The Chilli Temple
The chilli temple is a chilli community based website for all people who love chilli. From chilli growers forum, chilli chat, chilli blogs, to chilli videos and recipes. Its hot, hot, hot, baby.
 2100 Chilli Festival
Chilli festivals and events around the world. Reviews of retailers, products & venues. Hottest chilli pepper guides.
 2063 The Medicinal Pepper
A site dedicated to disseminating knowledge of Capsicum, specifically those hot varieties. The site focuses on the biochemistry, medicinal properties, and gardening of hot peppers.
 2064 Banderas Bay Gourmet Salsa & Hot Sauce
Banderas Bay brings all natural, garden fresh, homestyle salsa's and hot sauces from our kitchen to yours with no preservatives and a chunky rustic style that's healthy and delicious.
 2061 Private Label Hot Sauce
GourmetMike's high quality private label hot sauces, bbq sauce, and salsas are the perfect solution for any corporate function, business, restaurant, wedding favors or special occasion.
 2062 The Gourmet Wing Sauce
44 Wing Sauce is a gourmet sweet and spicy sauce that is made with a blend of pure Florida honey (from Central Florida), peppers, chiles, and spices.
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