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 25 The Chile Dungeon
(Swedish) En Svensk website med målsättning att samla information, bilder m.m. om chilepeppar.
 84 Confessions of a Chili-Head (or Water? What Water?)
This site contains Carl McCaskey's famous hot sauce reviews. He has sampled many hot sauces over the years and this site contains his views, reviews and comments on hot sauces.
Carl's Compilated Hot Sauce links is a huge database of "hot links" to hot sauce sites and most any site that has anything to do with hot peppers, salsas, hot sauces, etc. It is updated fairly often and welcomes submissions via email. Check it out often.
 126 El Grande's Shrine
Dedicated to Chileheads everywhere. Includes links to Chile, Food, and Drink sites
 51 House of Khan
Khan's House of Pain celebrates the Joy of Capsiacin and is dedicated to keeping intestinal fires burning everywhere!
 132 House of Pain
Dedicated to culinary skydiving and mouth surfing with capsaicin.
 109 Maumee Bay Spice Company
Cola classic chili,chile pepper facts,recipes,hot healing medicinal facts for the true chile head in you.
 121 Howard's Yummies - From Deep in the Heart of Texas
Howard's Yummies has a special treat for ya'll brave souls out there. If you enjoy the flavor of fiery foods, then come in and try at least one of our five amazingly hot products. Home of prize winning Jump Up and Kick Yo Butt salsa!!!!!!
 152 Andy Barnhart's Chile Page
Chile pepper information, Chileheads, Chile events (such as festivals and hotlucks), Chile product suppliers, and Chili cookoffs. It contains photos and links to other sites.
 164 PepperClicks
THE Pepper Directory, sources and resources for everything from seeds to sauces. Fresh peppers too. More than just hot!
 167 Pirate's Gold Marinade
Pirate's Gold Original Marinade and Pirate's Gold Inferno Hot Marinade-all purpose,fast acting marinades made with a delicious blend of exotic spices that bring out the hidden treasure of flavor in beef,pork,poultry,wild game,seafood and vegetables.
 271 Vermont Pepper Works
Home of the All-Natural Hand Made Pepper Sauces. Crafted in small batchs to produce the best Peach Ginger Habanero, Carrot Cayenne, Rancho Ancho, Hempin Jalapeno, Pepper ristras and more. Buy online!
 267 Jim and Ken's Pepper Pyromania Page
A fan page for pepperheads! Home of the Pepper Pyromaniacs' Message Board
 249 Texas Style Chili
A Texas Style Chili Mix based off the Reno Red recipe that has won 4 world Reno Red recipe that has won four World Championship Chili Cookoffs.
 269 BBQ'n Fools Signature Barbecue Sauces & Seasoning
When it comes to your BBQ, we're not Fool'n around! The award winning BBQ'n Fools bring to you their BBQ'n Fools Signature Barbecue Sauces and Seasoning. Made from the finest ingredients, our products are sure to be a hit with your family and friends!
 24 ChesterChile's Webpage
This page is about pepper identification, preserving peppers, links to other hot pepper sites, and great chile pepper products. There are also some hints on growing peppers as well.
 19 PepperFool
PepperFool has the largest Chile Pepper Recipe database on the web. Ther are also chile photos, restaurant reviews, an extensive link list. We also sell dried chiles and hot sauce.
 32 Curly's Blues Theater
Award winning recipes, and "History of the Blues"
 283 Waylons Wayhot
Waylons Wayhot includes Hot sauce both red and green, BBQ, Steak, Garlic, Honey mustard. Also other types such as Police Brutality, Grilled Tongue and Compuheat. We also offer a private label program so you can put your label on our sauces.
 280 Growing Chili Plants in Belgium
Since few people are growing in our colder climates, little information is available on how to get the best results. This is a diary on growing chili peppers in Belgium.
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