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 475 WildChili
A Site devoted to the beauty of the chili pepper thru artistic graphics and ceramics.
 104 The Fat Boys Chile Page
A page dedicated to the lovers of chile and all it's uses. Includes some typical southern New Mexico recipes from the Fat Boys.
 236 Hottest Sauces in the World !
A Hot Sauce Enthusaist's attempt to put together a definitive list of the hottest sauces on the planet. Non-commercial, although I do have links to Screamin Demon, one of the best value places around.
 359 ChileHead Gifts from Focus New Mexico
A wealth of information about New Mexico Red and Green Chile. Featuring our "Tale of Two Chiles" cookbook and video, and a variety of Chile related gift items. Check out our Chile Mousepads!
 499 Matlänkar
A generally oriented cooking site with some interesting chili links.
 580 California-Antilles Trading
The most superb Bay Rum Colognes, Habañero Hot Pepper Sauces, and Peach, Raspberry,Cranberry-Orange, and Mesquite Roasted Jalapeño Salsas. Try some flavor with your hot!
 495 PetesHydrohot
State of the art hot sauce made from a blend of hydroponically cultivated orange and red habanero peppers and scotch bonnet peppers. Learn about, fresh peppers and Hydroponic farming techniques.
 645 Frank's Chile Head Page
My site has pictures of peppers I've grown, recipes, links to other "hot" sites, and a list of the hot sauce and salsa bottles and jars that I have collected. There are over 700 on the list currently!!
 605 Hot Stuff
A collection of proven HOT recipes to satisfy the chilihead in your family. Special hot pepper recipes and other ethnic hot dishes. Great Curry. Not for those of weak constitution!
 590 Your Hot Sauce Company
We sell custom hot sauces with trendy labels. We use habanero and jalapeno sauces as well as others. We also sell excellent beef jerky.
 667 Vick's Flaming Pig Sauce
Fiery Food Challange 2004 Chicken & rib Sauce won Golden Chili award First place. NBBQA 2002 First place Flaming Pig Sauce Chicken & ribs. Chicken Sauce second place Fiery Food Challange 2003.Featured product in cousine at home publication june 2003.
 684 Santa Clara Woodworks
The Caliente Calaboose, or Hot Sauce Jail, is designed for display of the rowdiest, most cantankerous condiments. Made of ethically harvested pine and decorated with hot colors and black iron in the heart of New Mexico's premier chile growing region.
 650 Doc Lee's Pepper Company
Making award winning southern chow-chow since 1977. This family recipe's sweet hot mix enchances the flavor of all foods. Great complement with all kinds of food or just eat it on a chip. Our new products are Sweet Pear Relish and Jalapeno Pear Relish.
 724 Death By Curry
The ultimate database of curry recipes.
 714 Poche's Bridge Hot Sauce Product Information Page
Poche's Market and Restaurant. Specializing in Hot Sauce, Boudin, Cracklins, Andouille, Tasso, Smoked Sausage, and Specialty Meats. USDA Approved for shipping out of state. Products for sale online.
 693 The Sausage Source
Sausage making supplies and equipment, spices, barbecueing supplies. Visit our Hot Sauce Room! You can feel the heat before you even enter the room!
 675 La Plaza Pub
Il locale dove trovi la salsa piu piccante al mondo e i migliori piatti messicani
 619 Some Like it Hot
Our mission is to supply your operation with the finest and most requested hot pepper sauces and related condiments available in Canada
 548 Hot&Zesty
Noncommercial site. Describes my years of pepper growing and hot sauce making. Offer info. to anyone who would like to start growing peppers and making their own sauce. Thanks for your time. David Doyt Miller
 103 Captain Thom's Chili Pepper Company
Travel the Trade Route of Captain Thom, discover Dried Chilies, Hot Sauce, Smoked Peppers in Olive Oil, Pepper Vinegars, Jerk Spice, ¡Mi Asno Se Arde! Chili Powder and Hot Accessories. Discover the world of La Salsa Caliente
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